Water Motivation Reminder Drink Water! Enamel Pin

Pin Grade

Pin Info:

♡ Size: approx 3cm (1.2") at longest point 

♡ Silver plating

♡ Double rubber clutch fixtures

♡ Colours may differ slightly due to photograph and/or monitor settings

I categorise my enamel pins in to three quality grades: Standard, B grade, and C grade. I am very meticulous when grading pins, and each one is carefully inspected before being assigned a grade. However, please be aware that enamel pins are handmade items therefore it is rare that they will ever appear 100% perfect.

✦ Standard Grade ✦

Standard grade is the highest quality pin that I offer, these pins are very close to perfect, or perfect if you're lucky. They may exhibit very minor imperfections, these would only be noticeable upon very close inspection, looking at it under a certain light or from a specific angle. These would not be noticeable from half an arms length. The minor imperfections could be:

a very slight scratch or scuff on the enamel or metal
◦ a superficial mark, speck, or dot on the enamel

✦ B Grade ✦

B grade pins are close to standard grade however they will have one or multiple minor defects, many of these would not be noticeable from arms length.

The kind of imperfections you could expect from a B grade pin are:

◦ a small mark, scratch or scuff on the enamel or metal
◦ a small speck, dot, or bubble on the enamel
◦ slightly low or uneven enamel fill on a small area


✦ C Grade ✦

C Grade pins exhibit noticeable defects. Most of these would be noticeable from arms length, but are still wearable.

The kind of imperfections you could expect from a C grade pin are:

◦ noticeable marks, scratches or scuffs on the enamel or metal that span a large area
◦ specks, dots, or bubbles on the enamel
◦ low, uneven, or overfilled enamel
◦ oxidation of the metal
◦ misaligned screen print

No C Grade pin will have wrongly coloured enamel filled areas or missing enamel fill. I only sell these types of seconds pins in person at events so the customer can clearly see what they're buying.